St Chad’s Parish Church Bellringers

The main aim of the bellringers is to ring the church bells prior to Sunday services, for weddings and for other special events; these can be church events or events taking place in the Saddleworth area.
Bellringing is a fascinating hobby and you can develop your skills beyond the basics to the level you choose. It is also very sociable enabling members of a team to join bellringers at other churches to practice or help with ringing for their services or special events.
You can also visit churches wherever they have bells and two of our current ringers have travelled all over the UK and to Australia, New Zealand and Canada in order to ring the bells in these far-flung places.
Our current team of ringers are, shall we say “mature”, being mainly over 40, but, generally speaking, younger people find it much easier to learn, whilst older people tend to stick at it far longer. We do need to lower our age profile so young people are really welcome!
Unfortunately, at St Chad’s we are very short of ringers and would welcome anyone interested to get in touch, perhaps first to find out what is involved and if it appeals, to join us and “learn the ropes”.
No special ability, either mathematically or musically, is required to take up bellringing, although reasonable fitness and good co-ordination are helpful. At St Chad’s the ability to climb the short spiral staircase is essential.
At the moment practices are “by arrangement”, but we would have some flexibility to teach new members at mutually convenient times.
Anyone interested in finding out more should contact the Team Office during office hours on 01457 879977.