Rochdale United Charities

What is Rochdale United Charity?

The Rochdale United Charity comprises several local Charities that have been brought together and registered with the Charity Commissioners in order that the money may be released more effectively.

Who can apply for assistance?

To apply for assistance, you must live in the area of benefit covered by the Charity which is the Ancient Parish of Rochdale and this includes:

  • The former County Borough of Rochdale;
  • Castleton;
  • Whitworth;
  • Wardle;
  • Littleborough;
  • Todmorden;
  • Saddleworth.

Purposes for which applications can be made:

The money invested in the Rochdale United Charity, which incorporates the Ladies Charity and the Harold Shawcross Fund, is for the purpose of relieving, either generally or individually, persons who live in the area who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

Application form & notes 2016 REVISED