Newsletter, May 2021

A brief summary of what’s in our May 2021 newsletter…

After a gloomy year, we’re thrilled to announce that the annual Saddleworth in Bloom competition is back! Judging is at the end of July, so you don’t have long to get your entry in. We also bring you news on what we’re doing to try to remedy the chronic parking problem at Dovestone Reservoir. Plus, more news on the Take a Bite Out of Climate Change project in Saddleworth.

Take a Bite out of Climate Change

Following the lead of local parish council Shaw and Crompton, SPC is supporting a project called Take a Bite Out of Climate Change which shares the scientific consensus about how food and agriculture contribute to climate change, and suggests ways that individuals can help to reduce the impact. The scheme also provides materials aimed at schools and the general public on how food choices contribute to climate change.

To support the Take a bite out of Climate Change proposals for schools in Saddleworth, we’ll be getting in touch with local Primary and Secondary Schools to see if they’re aware of the initiative and the Young Activists’ Open Letter to World Leaders (which, and ask how SPC may assist them in developing their environmental credentials.

You can find out more about Take a Bite Out of Climate Change here:

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Taking action on Dovestone parking

The chronic parking issues at Dovestone reservoir have led SPC to propose a series of options to Oldham Borough Council’s highways to help address the issues which have been dogging the surrounding area for some time.

Temporary signage has been introduced at busy times to indicate when the car parking at the reservoir is full. We have also requested a full analysis of the options for introducing permanent or semi-permanent signage, including repurposing the “snow caution” signs that already exist in Greenfield to try and make new signs more affordable.

Taking up your concerns with the various stakeholders involved

In addition, we are writing to Transport for Greater Manchester to address public transport to the site. We are also writing to the stakeholders who run the site – the RSPB, United Utilities and the Peak Park District Authority, to encourage them to pursue the same approaches.

While it is the Borough Council and TfGM who are in charge of the highways and public transport, we are taking up Saddleworth residents’ concerns, and ensuring they are at the forefront of work.

Addressing the chronic traffic issues

Lockdown has meant that pressure has increased on Dovestone reservoir as a destination for visitors seeking exercise and respite. While it’s wonderful that we are fortunate to have such a beautiful location on our doorsteps, we also know that it must be managed properly if the chronic traffic issues are to be addressed.

We will bring you updates once we receive responses from TfGM and Oldham Borough Council.

* * *

Get your blooming entry in for Saddleworth in Bloom

After over a year of gloomy news, here’s some great news for a change: The 2021 Saddleworth in Bloom competition is open for entries! The contest had to be postponed last year, so we’re very happy to see it return and bring some much-needed colour to our community following months of lockdown.

Do you have a blooming garden or pub? Or even a blooming window box?

We are looking for entries for the “best blooming garden” or “best blooming pub”, as part of our annual celebration of the finest gardens across the district.

Entries are also open for the best container, and the gardens will be judged in three categories: small, medium and large.

Don’t miss the blooming July deadline!

Judging will take place at the end of July, and entries should be submitted by calling 01457 876665 or emailing