About Saddleworth Parish Council

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Saddleworth Parish Council was formed during the local government reorganisation in 1974. Its boundaries are essentially the same as those of its predecessor, the Saddleworth Urban District Council, and the medieval Township dating back to the Saxon period. With this long history there is understandably a strong sense of local identity.

Like other Pennine parishes, it is large, at 7,588 hectares, (29.3 sq. miles), predominantly rural with a population approaching 25,000. The challenges facing Saddleworth today primarily relate to the threat of over-development, attendant on rising land prices, the decline of a mixed local economy, the lack of affordable housing, and the expense of maintaining local services and infrastructure in a geographically large country district. But these are balanced by Saddleworth’s strengths; its largely prosperous, healthy, and well-educated local population and its strong community spirit, manifest in the large number of voluntary societies and organisations and communal festivals such as the annual Whit Friday Brass Band Contest, the Rush Cart and Yanks Weekends and the Saddleworth Show.

The Council meets monthly, usually on the fourth Monday of the month at the Civic Hall in Uppermill, the meetings commence at 7.30 p.m. and are open to the public.

The Parish Council is a member of the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership, working closely with Borough Councillors and other partners on issues affecting Saddleworth and Lees.

The Council maintains the Civic Hall and Parish Cemetery. The Parish Council has a number of Committee and Sub-Committees to conduct the Council’s business. Some of these are now joint sub-committees incorporating representatives from the District Partnership. The activities of the Council are funded through a precept included in the Council Tax collected by Oldham Council. The precept for 2019/20 for a Band D property will be £21.76.

The Parish Council is consulted, by Oldham Council, on all planning applications in the Saddleworth area. The Planning Committee consists of twelve councillors and usually meets on the first Monday of each month. The meetings are open to the public, and details of the applications to be considered at the meeting are available at the Council offices and on the website. Copies of the Plans, for each application, are available for inspection at the Council offices from noon on the day of the meeting.

Information on how the public can raise questions at Parish Council meetings is contained in the leaflet below.

Public Questions information leaflet